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It is not an easy thing to choose a name for your baby. Parents want the name of a baby not to sound beautiful only but the name has to do something with his/her second name, right? His/Her name makes his/her fate. But how do you know that his/her name makes his/her fate? The name has to do something (and not someting) with his/her date of birth. So, now, you are confused? Let us help you! Try our unique service to choose a name for your baby. You won't regret it!


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Anthropometrical parameters


Child's sex prognosis

Now you may use our testing access to the service to evaluate its potentials. No register needed. Attention! All users' data will be available to the public while working in testing access and we do not guarantee its safety. Only after registering and entering the system using your login and password all your data will be classified as private. Test it!


The first year of a life of the child is extraordinary important for whole subsequent development. At this particular time his/her organs and systems are being formed. The knowledge of the basic criteria of physical development of the baby will help you to supervise that process. Check out tables of the basic anthropometrical parameters for the child from his/her birth up to 14 years old period.


A lot of family couples want to have a baby of definite sex, especially if they have one already. There are no methods that 100% guarantee you with correct results for it. But still there are some ways to determine your child's sex and to do it with more confidence. You may find some of these methods by clicking the link. Enter the data of already born children to test it and make sure if they work or not.

About service

What a miracle it really is when life begins! Giving birth to a new baby is like a kind of discovering another one but brand new world. Let New Baby Assistant be your guide in it. New Baby Assistant will always be with you and will help you in such things as newborn care and parenting. Parenting an infant includes everyday baby feeding, bathing, exercising and many other activities. Well now, it seems like parenting is not an easy task at all, is it? We are here to guide you through the the first years of your toddler's life, to document and to monitor all the tasks of your day-to-day newborn care. You will see how convenient it is to keep entries on baby feeding, no matter it is bottle feeding or breast feeding as infant nutrition choice depends on you. Keeping the journal allows you to track all the changes in physiological and psychological parameters of your toddler. Our service has forum also. Here you can exchange parenting experience, talk about likes and dislikes of your newborn baby, first words spoken or steps taken. Discuss what kind of diapers your toddler wears and which of them are the best in use. What infant formulas you feed your baby. We will provide you with newborn related articles as well. They might be of great help to you and your infant. Remember that first years of your baby's life are very important and our service is closely related to these first years. During this period personality's features are being formed. Let's take care of our children as they are our future, our knowledge and culture.

Service New Baby Assistant is absolutely free-of-charge for all comers. All you need is to fill in simple and clear registration form to start working with it. All modules of the service are simple in use and are supplied with detailed instructions on how to work with each of them what allows you to use it full scale. The creators of the service are enthusiasts who recently became parents themselves and who felt necessity in this kind of Internet support that would help them to take proper care of their children. In addition to all this, support for the service is provided by medical specialists from baby care institutions.

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28 January 2008 "Articles" section is added.

21 January 2008 Design of the service is completely remade. The structure and the algorithm of the work of some journals have been changed. For the convenience of the work in "Composite journal" inscriptions were replaced with colored scheme.

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